How to register as a canvasser.

It’s a way to get directly involved in the political process between election.s

And it’s great for couples!

Both register as canvassers by mail or email. Both receive a signature sheet by mail or email. Each witnesses the other’s signature. Both return the signature sheets by mail or email. And collecting a single signature is appreciated. It’s a way to participate in the political process from the comfort of your home.

A canvasser experiences British Columbia’s direct democracy process – which is unique in Canada. .

A registered canvasser will see his or her name on two online lists, one with names in alphabetical order and one with names in geographical order.

The alphabetical list is maintained on the Elections BC website.

  • For a sample of what this list looks like, you can check out a previous online list of canvassers.
  • It was created for my initiative to allow voluntary formation of twenty charter schools (IP-2019-001).
  • The 2019 list can be viewed here.

The geographical list will be maintained on the Social Mavrik website. It shows each canvasser’s home riding. This list is currently under development.

If you are thinking of registering as a canvasser, of course there is an Elections BC application form.

When a completed form is approved by the proponent (that’s me, Bob Bray) it is submitted to Elections BC. An identification card is issued by elections BC and sent to the proponent who forwards it to the newly registered canvasser.

The application form is here.

Please send the completed form to this email address.

I will send a ZOOM link to each canvasser for occasional half-hour group Zoom calls hosted by me for training and strategizing plus question and answer conversations.