Aug 19 Our Support is Declared

August 19, 2019

CAMPBELL RIVER: The Social Mavrik Federation declares its support for the initiative petition titled “Initiative to Allow Voluntary Formation of Twenty Charter Schools”.

British Columbia is unique among Canadian provinces and territories in having a methodology for changing legislation through a petition of registered voters. When a particular petition is approved for province-wide signature gathering Elections BC announces it publicly. The announcement of the Charter Schools petition is shown below.

The above public notice can be seen on the Elections BC website at:

Public charter schools offer another schooling choice for parents and another teaching choice for professional educators. Innovative programs can be introduced spontaneously in public charter schools.

Public charter schools are similar to public neighborhood schools: no tuition, no religion, teach provincial curriculum with certified teachers and accept any child as long as space permits. Public charter schools differ by having no connection with the local school board, instead they operate under a charter from the Minister of Education.

The signing of an Initiative Petition is a formal process requiring a witness. The witness signature is provided by a registered canvasser. Any voter can apply to be a canvasser. Upon the approval of the initiative petition proponent, Elections BC emails a package of signature sheets to the newly registered canvasser.

The petition can be seen on the Elections BC website at:


Bob Bray
President, Social Mavrik Federation
Phone: 250-900-2422

Social Mavrik Federation is a registered society in British Columbia dedicated to cultural politics through endorsing MP/MLA/Trustee candidates and supporting initiative petitions, as directed by its members.