FAQ #9 – Why pay $30 for endorsement voting when I am a CPC member?

Put an early marker down for your candidate.

The Federation will endorse any candidate chosen by a majority of paid up members.

Add your support to the Federation’s weekly Facebook and Twitter posts.

The $30 is a special 3-month dues amount for the duration of the leadership campaign. The usual ongoing membership dues are $10 monthly.

Mavrik members have full and transparent control of the Federation’s weekly endorsement.

Current members need exclusivity to avoid having frivolous results
– expensive dues indicate seriousness
– personal information on application deters troublemakers
– application interview to confirm right wing attitudes

Weekly endorsement voting from serious members injects some fun into the process.

Announcement: The launch criteria for subsequent rounds of weekly endorsement votes in a single jurisdiction is changed for Rounds 2 or more:
– Round 1 – two members required
– Round 2 – two new members required (was 3)
– Round 3 – three new members required (was 4)
– Round 4 – four new members required (was 5)

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