List of 3,300 Locations in British Columbia by Name of Each Location

The 52-page List provided by Elections BC can be seen by clicking on the underlined “Location Index” below.

The list of names of 3,300 or so locations begins on page 6.

The 5-page introduction from Elections BC about
“Using the Location Index” starts as:

The Location Index contains a list of locations in British Columbia and is used by election officials to determine which electoral district voters live in.

The Location Index includes:
▪ incorporated and unincorporated communities
▪ Indian Reserves with known populations
▪ universities, colleges and institutes
▪ islands
▪ marinas
▪ hospitals and health centres

Search tip:

Press the Ctrl key and the “F” key at the same time, then type the location you are looking for in to the data entry box that appears.
Location Index