Historical Dates

May 8 – Application submitted by proponent Bob Bray for Initiative Petition “Allow The Voluntary Formation Of Up To 20 Public Charter Schools”
May 22 – Elections BC advises of ambiguous wording in Draft Legislation
May 28 – Draft legislation revised and re-submitted
June 7 – Elections BC assigns code IP-2019-001 and prepares summary and title.
June 10 – Confirmed that summary accurately reflects the draft legislation but title needs to include the word “twenty”.
June 10 – Petition title is now “Initiative to Allow Voluntary Formation of Twenty Charter Schools”.
June 20 – Approval in principle is granted by Chief Electoral Officer Anton Boegman and is announced in a news release. A public notice was issued.
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The notice was published
in the Vancouver Sun and
in The British Columbia Gazette.

August 19 – Elections BC issues a news release and delivers petition signature sheets to the proponent for each of the 87 electoral districts. Identification cards for canvassers are provided. The gathering of petition sheet signatures begins. Canvasser registration continues.
September 23 – The Couple Signing At Home method introduced.
September 30 – Canvasser Support Binder announced.
October 7 – Education Comparison, School Act and Independent School Act discussed.
October 14 – Leadership Comparison discussed; Is a charter school the same as a private school? answered.
October 21 – The Gap in School Choice discussed.
October 28 – 22% of Parents are Unhappy with use of Sex Change Lesson Plans in K-12 Reading and Writing Classes.
November 4 – How to Start a School; Parental Choice in School Act.
November 11 – Final Day for Canvasser Applications; Is the Saanich School Strike Worth It?
November 18 –

Planning Dates

June to November – Registration is open for canvasser applications.
November 18 – Deadline to submit signatures to the Chief Electoral Officer.