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December 12, 2022 News Release 7 of 8
Parent-Run Public Schools in Canada
19 Charter Schools in Alberta
October 20, 2022 News Release 5 of 8
Trustee Results for British Columbia
152,712 Common Sense Voters
October 26, 2021
News Release 21 of 22
October 12, 2021
News Release 19 of 22

October 14, 2020 News Release 5 of 8
BC Trustee Election Results from 2018
131,442 Unhappy Voters
October 9, 2020 News Release 3 of 8
Parents as Partners not just Advisors
Innovation. Competition. Accountability.
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What we do

From time to time we conduct promotional campaigns in support of legislative petitions and political candidates.

During each promotional campaign we create announcements using a news release model. Announcements are distributed to reporters, commentators, members and others who have a general interest in the matter at hand. Info-graphics are posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Our focus is on solutions of a positive nature. Our interest is in cultural politics rather than the electoral politics of supporting a single Party. For example, in the October 2020 snap election in British Columbia we endorsed MLA candidates from the Conservative, Christian Heritage and Libertarian parties to recognize their policies in favour of parent-run charter schools.

The Social Mavrik Federation was registered as a member-funded society in British Columbia on May 14, 2019 which was two* days following Mother’s Day that year!

* two is our favourite number