How to sign a petition

British Columbia is the only province in Canada that allows voters to directly propose legislation. The process is a formal one requiring that the signature of a registered voter be witnessed when it is added to a petition sheet. Each signature is witnessed by a canvasser. A canvasser can witness their own signature.

A registered voter who wishes to be a canvasser can apply online and by Canada Post to the proponent. The application is signed by the initiative petition proponent and forwarded to ElectionsBC. In the next step ElectionsBC processes the approved application within 48 hours and sends a petition sheet as a PDF file, among other material, by email to the new canvasser. The canvasser prints a petition sheet and gathers signatures. As signatures are collected, the canvasser signs each petition sheet and mails them weekly to the proponent. The proponent includes the sheet with other sheets and from time to time submits them to ElectionsBC.

    There are several ways to participate in the petition process:

  • Home Signing
  • Under development