Elite and Common Values

 E L I T E    V A L U E S
      Skin Hues      
 C O M M O N    V A L U E S


Elite and Common Values — A Photo-Journalism Project

A consensus has formed among universities, corporations, professions and media around some new values that supporters feel should be implemented into Canadian culture. These supporters are in the minority in Canada but they tend to be at the top of their organizations, that is, at the elite level. For the purposes of this project, these new values are named “Elite Values”.

On the other hand, a majority of Canadians are comfortable with existing values that have stood the test of time. This majority is made up of ordinary adults who hold the existing values in common. For the purposes of this project, these existing values are named “Common Values”.

Project Methodology

The process of implementing elite values is a visible one because the elite values are represented by six colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Progress in the implementation process is demonstrated by the use of the six colours when the elite values gain acceptance in a variety of organizations. Tracking the spread of these colours throughout K-12 settings is the focus of this photo-journalism project.

The uptake of the elite values is encouraged by all the School Boards in British Columbia, along with the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation and the ARC Foundation. Progress on implementing the elite values within a K-12 organization is demonstrated when the six colours are painted together on architectural features such as fences, bollards and crosswalks in school yards.

Contentment with common values is shown by the majority who feel no need of a colour for a value. Contentment of K-12 adults (principals, teachers, parents, trustees, superintendents) with promotion of common values is demonstrated when school yards maintain an architectural simplicity without extraneous colours.

Photos of K-12 school signs and school yards will be added from time to time.

The project launches in British Columbia and will include other provinces and the three territories as photos become available.

The British Columbia table is here.