Surrey North Riding

Surrey North Riding

Elections BC Approved Petition

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Recall Rachna Singh Campaign
Recall Rachna Hashtag

Media Reports about     Surrey North Riding

CBC News, November 24, 2023
by Karin Larsen
Recall Campaign Launched To Oust B.C. Education Minister Over SOGI

Recall Petition Results

Open for signartures from November 30th to January 29th
Number of signatures required to pass: 11,811
        – which is 10% of registered voters
Number of signatures obtained by Jan 29: 3,264

Election Results 2022

Former Surrey-Green Timbers Riding

Liberal, Dilraj Atwal, 5,540 votes
NDP, Rachna Singh, 8,171 votes

Petition Signatures 2023

New Surrey North Riding
Signatures needed to pass the recall petition: 11,811


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