How to promise to sign a petition

So you have decided to sign a petition.

Email your name, address and phone number to Bob Bray who will make arrangements for a canvasser to contact you.

Please send your email to

TEST Please insert the word “support” or “oppose” into the sentence “I —- charter schools in BC” into your email message to me, along with your name, resdentiaal address, birth year, number of children, grand children and great grandchildren.

The Social Mavrik Email Survey about charter schools is based on emails with answers to the statements shown below.
These statements can be copied and pasted into your email program manually. Or automatically by clicking on the link shown.
Please indicate whether you support or oppose charter schools.
My position on allowing the voluntary formation of charter schools in BC is:
My name is:
Your address information is needed to determine your provincial riding.
My residential address is:
Your phone number is requested in case further verification of your response is needed.
My phone number is:
Your birth year is requested so that survey results can be analyzed base on age of participants.
My birth year is:
Your number of children is requested to give weight to your position on charter schools.
My number of children is:
My number of grandchildren is:
My number of greatgrandchildren is:
To create an email message pre-formatted with the above requested responses, please click here: