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From the website by way of a biographic description:

Author: Jenn Smith

52 year old transgender male.

Degrees in history and political science.
Basing its decision on the words in Jenn Smith's platform opposite, "equal opportunity for choice in education", the Social Mavrik Federation endorses him in the snap election.
House of Commons, Petition e-2443, Jul 8       Moratorium and a national inquiry into why so many vulnerable children (including high numbers of autistic children) are going on to medically transition.
-by Jenn Smith and Derek Sloan MP
House of Commons, Petition e-2443, Jul 8 Money quote: "Recent information suggests that foster children are identifying as transgender at rates 15 to 20 times higher than children not in government care;"
    Signatures as of October 7, 2020: 7,187
    Open for signatures until November 5, 2020.
National Telegraph, Oct 5
Pro-Family Transgender Activist running against B.C. NDP Education Minister
-by staff
National Telegraph, Oct 5
Money quote: "Smith, a graduate of Simon Fraser University (History/Political Science), says he chose the riding for a couple of reasons: the first is obvious, namely, that this is the riding of the Minister of Education, but Smith also notes that the area has become a symbol for the dangerous erosion of freedom of speech and democracy in Canada."

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