Fraser – Fraser Valley – Chilliwack – Conservative – Diane Janzen

From the Conservative Party, on Sep 23 We are proud to announce Diane Janzen as our MLA candidate for the riding of Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Diane is a long-standing resident, active in public service, business and community.

Currently the ED of Chilliwack Community Service; Diane oversees $6 million in operations, 105 staff, 500 volunteers, and provides services to close to 7,000 people a year.
Chilliwack Progress, Sep 24: Chilliwack BC Liberal candidate hopeful jumps to the BC Conservatives -by Paul HendersonChilliwack Progress, Sep 24, Money quote, "I am deeply disappointed in the BC Liberal Party,” Janzen said. “They reneged on their promise of open democracy and denied the membership their right to choose a candidate through an open nomination process.."
Fraser Valley News, Sep 24: Janzen Running as Conservative Against Liberal Martin -by Don LehnFraser Valley News, Sep 24, Money quote, "Janzen wanted to challenge Martin for the nomination claiming Martin’s lack of a valid track record as MLA."
Vancouver Sun, Sep 25: Snap election puts spotlight on party nomination contests -by Brenna OwenVancouver Sun, Sep 24, Money quote, "I wan't asking to be greenlit or anything. All I wanted was the opportunity to compete."
chillTV, Sep 25, Don Lehn Interview with Diane Janzen -7 minuteschillTV, Sep 25, Money quote, "The opioid crisis has been at its absolute greatest under the NDP. They have not addressed the four pillars of prevention, treatment, harm reducation and enforcement. ... Thosands of British Columbians have died from the opioid crisis. It's more than car crashes, suicides and murders combined."
Vancouver Sun, Oct 1: Two party-switching candidates face off in Chilliwack -by Vaughn PalmerVancouver Sun, Oct 1, Money quote, "Residents in Chilliwack have been unhappy with their representation and we advocating for change. With our `Made in B.C.` platform, we can be the change British Columbians are looking for.

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