Importance of Contempt

We Must Rediscover The Importance Of Having Contempt For Those Who Want To Destroy Our Civilization


We should have contempt for those who want to destroy everything our country and our allies have built up.

Human beings are capable of amazing things.

Everything we see around us, the most advanced technology, the tallest buildings, power plants keeping us warm and keeping the lights on, all of it started as raw resources sitting in the ground, which we learned to extract, refine, and turn into the things that make our advanced economy possible.

Year after year, decade after decade, we advanced, we grew, and we made progress towards a better and more prosperous future.

We were driven by the idea that the future should be better than the past, that people should be freer and freer, and that economic freedom and personal freedom would enable humanity to flourish.

This life-affirming drive for prosperity and advancement is so baked in to Western Civilization that it can seem like the unalterable norm.

Unfortunately, it is not shared by everyone.

Terrorist groups like Hamas and the Houthis are the opposite of life-affirming.

They openly state their intention to destroy.

They want to destroy the Western world, they want to destroy Israel, they want to destroy the Jewish People. They want to destroy all who resist their vision of a barbaric, impoverished, savage world.

They affirm death, not life.

Here in Canada and across the West, much of the left has chosen to side with the terrorists.

The left shares a desire to destroy the Western world, as leftism is above all based on jealousy and hatred for those who are powerful and capable. Rather than learning how to attain greater heights of achievement and prosperity, both the far-left and terrorist organizations seek to destroy those who succeed, whether that means destroying individual nations like Israel and the United States, or destroying Western Civilization from within.


Now, there was once a time when there would have been widespread contempt for those who want to destroy us.

Anyone marching in favour of genocidal terrorists like Hamas or slaveholder fascist pirates like the Houthis would have been seen for what they are: Enemies of our nation.

We would have looked at them and realized that they are a threat, and made it abundantly clear that siding with our enemies is treason.

We would have had contempt for the immense stupidity of ‘progressives’ who side with the most regressive radical Islamists in the world, Islamists who would brutally oppress progressives to an extent that is almost beyond imagining if they were to take power.

But now, after years of the ‘decolonization’ narrative being pushed across the country and across the West, after years of divisive ‘critical race theory,’ and after allowing communists and radical Islamists to take control of many universities, our country and the broader Western world seems unable and unwilling to respond to the threat we face.

And so, this is why we must rediscover the importance of contempt.

Supporting Hamas or the Houthis is not a ‘difference of opinion’ or a ‘unique’ perspective’ or ‘diversity is our strength.’

Instead, it is evil, it is wrong, and it has no place in Canada.

We should have contempt for those who hold those views, and they should not be viewed as a legitimate part of the political discourse.

We wouldn’t have listened to pro-fascist voices during World War Two, as that would obviously have been siding with the enemy, and we should not listen to pro-Hamas, pro-Iranian regime, and pro-Houthi voices now, because that is also siding with the enemy.

The West is better

The Western world is objectively better.

There really is no debate about this.

The West is where people are desperate to escape to.

The West is where people are the most free.

The West is where people are the most prosperous.

Thus, we in the West should be confident. We should stand up for all that we have achieved.

Most importantly, we should stop listening to the contemptuous enemies of our civilization when they try to tear us down and try to impose their savage and barbaric vision upon us.

Spencer Fernando

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